16 Février 2012

Synthèse des réponses à la consultation EIOPA

Le 16 février 2012 We would like to thank you for your kind participation in the public consultation on the Response to the Call for Advice on the review of the IORP Directive 2003/41/EC (2nd consultation). We appreciate there was a lot of material to respond to. We have read all comments and considered them before finalising our Advice to the Commission. We are pleased to announce that all documents in relation to the Call for Advice have now been published and are available on the EIOPA website under the following links :

  • EIOPA's Advice to the European Commission on the review of the IORP Directive 2003/41/EC;

  • Cover Letter to the Commission; 

  • EIOPA's Resolutions on comments received


  • Press Release : 


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