23 Avril 2014

EUROFI : articles publiés à l'issue du "Eurofi High Level Seminar 2014, Athens 31 March - 1 April" + Reuters (21/4)

23 avril 2014

Eurofi High Level Seminar 2014, Athens  31 March - 1 April


  • Evolution of bank and market intermediated financing in the EU 2014 Athens

  • Financial Market Infrastructure reforms 2014 Athens

  • Global consistency of OTC derivatives and banking requirements Athens 2014

  • Key priorities for the forthcoming EU Commission Athens 2014

  • Mitigating systemic risks in the asset management sector 2014 Athens

  • Providing appropriate financing tools for EU SMEs and midcaps 2014 Athens

  • Relaunching EU securitisation market

  • The risks and challenges of expanding collateral use and re-use 2014 Athens

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Bankers win friends again in Europe with lure of easy money

By John O'Donnell

BRUSSELS  Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:07am EDT


Now he [J. de Larosière] is proposing a scheme to securitize - repackage and sell to insurers, pension funds and possibly even the ECB - loans made in the go-go years that have turned into a dead weight on banks' finances. The declared aim is to make it easier for the banks, once unburdened, to lend to credit-starved small and medium-sized companies.

The plan, outlined last month at a Eurofi event on the sidelines of a meeting of European finance ministers and central bankers in Athens, could play a pivotal role if the ECB embarks on quantitative easing or money printing to buy such assets.

"It would provide some breathing space to the financial sector that is being stifled," de Larosiere told Reuters.


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