07 Janvier 2013

Sullcrom / Voxeu - Analyses sur la réforme financière américaine [Regulation of U.S. Operations of Non-U.S. Banks; Ventes à découvert; Federal Reserve Supervision; Implementation of Basel III in the US]

le 07 janvier 2013

Regulation of U.S. Operations of Non-U.S. Banks: Federal Reserve Issues Proposed Rules That Would Fundamentally Revise the Regulation and Structure of the U.S. Operations of Foreign Banking Organizations (28 pages)



Ventes à découvert: Nouveau régime pan-européen sur les ventes à découvert et certains aspects des contrats d'échange sur le risque de crédit



Federal Reserve Supervision: Federal Reserve Updates Consolidated Supervision Framework for Large Financial Institutions (7 pages)



FASB Proposes Major Revisions to Accounting for Credit Losses On Financial Assets: FASB Proposes to Replace the "Probable" or "Incurred" Thresholds for the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses Under U.S. GAAP With an "Expected Credit Loss" Standard: Potential Impact on Bank Reported Earnings and Capital and on Regulatory Capital Ratios



Implementation of Basel III in the US will bring back the regulatory arbitrage problems under Basel I (article)

Takeo Hoshi, 23 December 2012


Rejigging financial regulation is in vogue. But, in the world of international finance, how well do different regulatory systems join up? This column argues that the US Dodd Frank Act and Basel III are, in part, incompatible and that harmonising them may lead to unintended consequences. The US ought to tread carefully here but should also try hard to maintain the spirit of better financial regulation.



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